Stanwick Lakes


In August had family day out, if saw my previous blog post if not click here had day out to the beach, this day out was outing too the lakeside, Stankwick Lakes is in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. I enjoyed my day out, the fresh air, as much I love living in London can’t beat breathing in clean air, my asthmatic lungs thanked me for it. As I was in my wheelchair, my eldest sister pushed me around for the day and we done some serious milage so I know she done real good workout. Beautiful countryside, I think I had too much fun at one point as did have seizure whilst on a swing that wasn’t fun I got bruises on my arm and my legs from it, ouch, oops…

Lets move on too the positive, something about the outdoors, getting my vitamin D on, and just exploring, never gets boring to me. Free my mind from daily stresses of life, these trips was before my wheelchair sadly finally fell apart. Will be more pics from this day in another post from different prospective, something I am passionate about, you shall see very soon, stay tuned 😉

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