On The Road (Ranger Safari Tours)

At Christmas family and I had holiday, went to Malaga. Now got my rant over about my flights which was in my previous blog post click here if you want to check out what I’m banging on about. I am very behind as of late, been having a lot of seizures, anyway let’s talk about the beauty of Spain. Onto the actual holiday. At the apartment resort we was staying at, they had day trip offers, we couldn’t resist excursion, day trip Ronda scenic route. Best thing was that we was mostly in the Jeep which suited me as you know I am disabled. Being out, soaking up all the culture, learning as our driver Terry educated us about the olive trees, wild life and general history as we passed by/or on our pit stops. For me wonderful breathtaking experience as catered to my needs, driver/tour guide very attentive, accommodating and felt at ease, as do get anxious travelling only because hate having seizures in public which I’m learning to tackle, baby steps. Here is just some of my on the road pictures, cruising in the Jeep.

My family taking snaps, and Terry our driver/tour guide who made us laugh throughout the journey, I would recommend Rangers Safari Tours not being sponsored or been told to say this, I just think they deserve shout out from me. There is more from our day trip in more detail, but that shall be in separate blog posts.

To be continued….




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