No Thank You Ryanair

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A long time I was wondering if I should post this, but now I’m like why not, freedom of speech. At Christmas went on family holiday too Spain, and flew with Ryanair. The frustration began straight away as soon as we entered the airport, trying to book with special assistance and being told Ryanair only allows 4 disabled people for each flight, and I just so happen to be the 5th person, miss out on getting the lift onto the plane. Whilst queuing, the line got so long, looked  like we was at a theme park waiting for our roller-coaster ride, people jumping the queue and of course me being in my wheelchair with family we was left confused. This was all just at the check in, people in the wrong queue, lack of staff and this was during Christmas period, busy time. The wait was so long didn’t even get time to eat, as boarding was about to begin by time we went through security. It was quick dash at WHSmith bought lunch to eat on the plane, boarding was also slow and guess who had to walk up the stairs to the plane, yep you guessed it me, on the plane, seated and belted only to be told facing hours of delay before we even hit the runway, stuck going nowhere, tight space, no leg room at all, no free drink or food to tie anyone over, not even water, just ridiculous thankfully and luckily we bought water on our dash. Just as you think cannot get worse, oh it does, granted it’s been whole day now, I’m in ALOT of pain, time to get off the plane finally, reached our destination. Only one exit and guess who’s at the back yep us, all passengers are off we wondering when are  we getting special assistance, flight attendant was baffled to who needed help, ME, yes I am disabled, not my Mum and didn’t need the whole oh don’t look like disabled one, yes comes in all sizes, ages, BIATCH…. Got told sorry no aeroplane wheelchairs (the ones fit in the aisle) on this plane, my poor Mum had to carry my weight on her back, had to keep talking to me so didn’t have seizure as I was in so much pain. Once in the Spanish airport the staff told us, should of got assistance regardless, and to make sure I get it, on the return home.

Left home Saturday morning and reached Spain in the night, and we all know doesn’t take that long from the UK. There’s more once on holiday, coming towards the end of the trip, my sister rings Ryainair only to be told why didn’t we book it before, when told can only book it once on holiday. Endless calls, remember these are regarded as international calls, so my sister mobile bill was just rocketing, as they don’t do call backs, and they don’t do emails, in this day in age, like what?!…

Shouldn’t be so hard in this day of age to book for special assistance, trust me I’ve had experience where I was left where you board off the plane, I mean LEFT, that’s whole different story and that time travelled alone which to be honest has put me off going alone. Returning home did get the right assistance, however once again stuck me right at the back, even though seats actually available more too the front of the plane. Ryanair you need to do better, you made Easyjet look like flippin Virgin planes compared to yours. Worst experience flying with them, I get it’s budget flights but doesn’t mean you forget you’re disabled passengers, who do fly.

End of my rant.




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