Hunstanton Beach


Couple weeks ago had family day out to Hunstanton beach, lovely picnic on the beach, catching some rays on glorious sunny day. For me it was about getting out the house, being with loved ones as it’s hard for all of us too get together with conflicting schedules etc. Special occasion for Holly (pet puppy) as it was her first ever time at the beach, loving the sand but not so much of the sea, as every time tide came in, Holly was like nope, not liking this sea water until my mum picked her up eased her gently in, whilst still having her on lead at all times, safety at all times, so funny Holly did drink a bit of sea water but getting wet, that part was a no.

Hunstanton beach is nice little beach, making it accessible for disabled people, few steps to actual beach, parking area is right next to it, which inturn was able to have both forms of transport/aid wheelchair for longer distances, and my walking cane for the beach, so it was all good. The silhouette in the pics is my mum. I thoroughly enjoyed being outside and looking out onto the beach with the beautiful sunset.

Do you like going to the beach? what was the last beach you went too, let me know in the comments. x

PS Holly has her own instagram page click here to see everything of Holly the beagle 😉

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