Journey To Hospital Appointment Through My Eyes

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I said this year I bring you more to my hospital appointments and I sort of am, can’t do all, as that be unfair to you, as don’t want to bore my audience. This was my last visit to my neurologist at NHNN hospital, if you follow my blog you know, it’s on the other […]


Disabled London Day Trip Outfit

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Having to be practical, comfortable is important for day out for me. Funny enough this was day I had hospital appointment in Central London which is trek for me, as live on the other side of London from the location, and my partner decided to make a day out of it, turn it into uplifting […]


FIVE GUYS- My First Time

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This is going to get me into trouble, but here goes. After years of hearing about this place, the hype, more and more opening up in London. If you follow my blog you know I moved this year, now transportation is more easier, better forms of transport where I am  so now it means can […]


New Wheels.. Red Coat

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Wait, what, you girl has new wheels, yes!!!! Through a lot of research, and looking through various websites, as let’s be honest theres not much advice out there for someone who doesn’t solely use a wheelchair, use crutch for short distances, and wheelchair for longer distances. It’s not like get advice from anywhere, I chosen […]



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This is going to be different kind of blog post, not something I make of habit of asking for help, so when I am, you know I truly do, letting my pride go out the window and let the sensibleness step in. If you been following my blog you know my wheelchair is out of […]

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St James Park

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At the weekend had lovely stroll through St James park, I say stroll, had my partner pushing me in my wheelchair, poor thing, however even though both a struggle for him and I, as got tired after awhile, his hands started to hurt. In the mist of that managed to take some great pics, if […]


Wheelchair Beach Babe

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Typical February weather in this country is cold it’s winter what do you expect. So appropriate clothing is wise, about keeping warm for me, still can be stylish with pops of colour, a good old stripy jumper, vibrant pattern scarf, winter boots and woolie hat. Thankfully the sun was out, wasn’t breezy, making it not […]