We All Love A Nap

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We all love A bit of napping especially for those like myself who suffer with chronic fatigue syndrome, which often gets mistaken for being lazy, oh you need a nap any excuse to be in bed, no….. I’m sure many can relate to that. For me I love having naps with my pets, even like […]


Being Out Of Control

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I hate being out of control, bad enough my own body is not in my control. But when the simple things like consulting you when carer changing to different one on certain day, wishing I had been spoken, I hate surprises, sudden changes, unless it’s the good kind. Feeling like a child, just wanting to […]


Sunday Chill Day

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Today has been nice chilled day, started my progressive muscle relaxation I be doing separate blog post about that, as only just started today, meant to of started from Saturday but spent of my day napping as had busy Friday, so I was wiped out, generally been like this all weekend. I was having nice […]