Inconsiderate Travellers

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Now just to warn you, this is going to be rant blog post, so you’ve been warned. It’s about inconsiderate travellers, and what do I mean by that, you wonder, well…… Partner and I was on the tram the other day in the afternoon, me in my wheelchair in the disabled section. Wasn’t busy tram […]


I Am Very Much Here. Hello 2018

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Hello 2018 It’s already been rocky start to the year for me, as I have sprained my ankle. You must be wondering this incident happened recently nope.. I had a fall then on top non epileptic seizures on the floor back in December (12th I think) 2017, thought it was just badly bruised, so didn’t bother […]


What’s Been Happening. Update

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Not been on here for awhile, nor have been online as much. It seems every time something finishes  another problem arises always. Recently I injured my knee just so happened to be my dodgy knee, which was caused by a seizure, won’t go into details just know I been in a lot of pain like […]