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Mental Health Check During Lockdown

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If ya like me in self isolation for 12 weeks due to being in high risk category (UK), a lot of us already know what’s it like to be isolated due to health reasons, I’ve had times where I’ve not left home for months at a time, so it’s not my first rodeo of not […]


Highlights Of 2017

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Highlights of 2017 it’s been bumpy road, as per usual when it comes to me, part of my life. Heres the memorable moments of the year. Moving into new place, this didn’t come without a lot of headache, stress beforehand, if you follow my blog you will know moved in late December 2016 to new […]


TV Joys. Amazing Spaces Shed Of The Year.

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TV show currently enjoying, watch it each year. It always amazes me the work, creativity and the amount of attention to detail to each of their shed. I know must be thinking a show about a shed how interesting could it be. When you see the sheds that has entered in the competition, no ordinary […]