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Day Out: Surrey County Show/Dog Festival

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A classic bank holiday weekend involves bit of family time, well in my case my partner and the pets. Something we like going too, where we could actually bring the dog with us, however having a dog that likes going at full speed, barking at other dogs at the dog show, yes totally embarrassing. But […]


Stanwick Lakes Through My Eyes

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I am here with another post about my family day out to Stanwick Lakes, however from different angle, if you missed my previous post about the day click here. So what’s so different about this post, well as you may know use wheelchair for long trips which sadly now taken retirement, meaning I am now […]


Hunstanton Beach

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Couple weeks ago had family day out to Hunstanton beach, lovely picnic on the beach, catching some rays on glorious sunny day. For me it was about getting out the house, being with loved ones as it’s hard for all of us too get together with conflicting schedules etc. Special occasion for Holly (pet puppy) […]