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Little Review Of Captain Marvel, What Men Want And A Selfie.

I thought as saw movie last week at the cinema and this week, that I would do little review of them.

On the 27/3/2019 had day date with my partner and we saw ‘Captain Marvel’ he pushed for this movie, really wanted to see it, as enjoyed the trailer I thought why not, and I’m glad was able to go out for our cinema date, as if you follow my social media, which you should @loopysos on twitter and instagram you will know my asthma flared up in big way, so was anxious that my body wouldn’t be able to cope being out for this long, as was so breathless, even before heading out was struggling more than usual, partner had to help me out bit more, he did say we can cancel at any moment, doesn’t matter no point you pushing yourself, ending up much worse, I had my determined hat on so we went.

The film itself what’s there not to like with a badass woman just kicking ass, now I didn’t like the new Wonder Woman film so it’s not always winning combo, sorry for those who did like it, I found it boring, long, cheesy (the bad kind not in good way) after being so excited for it, looking forward to it, the film was let down. Now Captain Marvel was good, I loved the little back story of Nick Fury won’t say what it is as that be spoiler, as I watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D it was nice seeing Phil Coulson once again won’t spoil it for you, so won’t say no more. It had action, it had story, it had humour, overall good film, thumbs up.

Now this week’s date, I met up with friend, as she wanted to see a movie, but she didn’t want anything sad or anything complicated, maybe a comedy, or something the brief was vague, so I knew couldn’t pick a horror sadly as she never mention that being option, and you like it or you don’t (I do) however there was movie out wanted to see, that my partner would never ever watch, so I picked the movie ‘What Men Want’ a romantic comedy. Yes it was very predictable. It was funny, and had this woman empowerment, she worked in mens environment, feeling like she had to prove herself more amongst men, but then losing the qualities of treating people with respect, taking the time to actually listen, we both laughed watching the film so did the rest of the audience in the cinema, the end scenes in the credits was funny. Easy going film, I didn’t go into this thinking this film will be the best film ever, I had no built up expectations, I liked it.

Oh, should explain the prices on the tickets, I didn’t get free ticket, just happened that I had ticket of the price on it last week and had the free price ticket this week in my purse, I have CEA card (if you live in the UK and disabled you can apply for it, you have to reapply every year, but doesn’t take long) so when I go to the cinema my carer goes in for free, I pay for my ticket.

My selfie this week, for cinema date with friend. Yes I took this image whilst my partner was pushing me in my wheelchair, as wasn’t sure if have time at the cinema to take selfie before my lipstick fades a bit after eating popcorn and making a mess of myself, and I was right. I actually wore make up, and I was feeling my brows (as it’s been long time since I filled them in with make up), I always feel bit proud when I wear make up as means I could make myself look little special (for me), being chronically ill does take it out of me, so yes do celebrate those days (amongst other little things), take a pic if I remember or want too, this time it was one of those days.

Any movies you gone to see at the cinema? or want to see?…

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