What Device Have I Been Liking

It’s been long time since done a review on my blog, and as it’s device my partner and I both been using, but as his been using it the most, I’ve asked him on his thoughts on this device, so this will be combined blog post of what we thought.

So what it is you ask?!

Ozeri Savore Soft Touch Electric Pepper Mill and Grinder.

Where to start with the Ozeri Pepper grinder? it’s a relatively simple battery powered kitchen gadget designed to replace our manual grinder, while not immediately advertised towards disabled people who otherwise might not be able to use manual grinders this is something this gadget can do rather simply, with a large light to press button on the top and a rubberised grip it could make life easier for someone with a disability always something to keep in mind.

The Ozeri grinder takes 6AAA batteries which really does seem like a lot upon first viewing but when you see it has a rather beefy burr grinder the extra power starts to make sense. Filling the device is simply a twist of the bottom with a sturdy locking mechanism with it not coming loose once throughout my daily use.

One negative has to be the switch between grind settings, it really is way too hard to move position, it takes me an enormous amount of force to switch from small to large so much so that I now just leave it or large setting and just live with it, a really bad negative when as I said above the device is so easy to hold and operate this seems like an oversight.

After using it now for a few weeks in various foods, over steaming pots and in cold meals this thing never misses a beat, delivering large amounts of pepper at ease, it’s not even loud when it does it quite the opposite in fact.

All-in-all I have to recommend the Ozeri grinder for any home, it really does make light work of grinding and allows a hand free to continue stirring your stew etc. It really is a game changer for your kitchen.

Do any of you guys own any devices in the kitchen, that’s handy like this (doesn’t have to be electric pepper grinder)? Let me know in the comments, it be great to hear.

PS- The arm/hand model is my partner as I took pics of him using the device. This item was sent to me, however not being sponsored, or getting kick backs, or even been asked to do blog post honestly, so this is simply a review, because I wanted to do it. Plus it’s lifestyle blog, I like covering everything on here, keep you guys guessing what’s coming next 😉

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