Stanwick Lakes Through My Eyes

I am here with another post about my family day out to Stanwick Lakes, however from different angle, if you missed my previous post about the day click here. So what’s so different about this post, well as you may know use wheelchair for long trips which sadly now taken retirement, meaning I am now restricted which aggravates me to no avail, cannot afford new one so I’m without, so let’s just say it’s on my wishlist, putting out in the universe.

As a lover of taking pictures, I always make a conscious decision to take pictures from my viewpoint, which is nearer to the ground, being in a wheelchair. Some I take as if I was regular person standing up, but then I think why eliminate people who sees things through my way, here is the outcome.


I’ve done other blog posts in the past with Look Through My Eyes, click here. I find it fascinating as normally the railing wouldn’t be included or it be in big overall picture. Mixing photography with disability, I want to bring it into the forefront. Best believe when I do have new wheelchair, prays, positive vibes into the world any mobility companies or anything holla. I will continue this series of Look Through My Eyes when I can, hope you like these type of blogs, I enjoy doing them.

Let me know if you like them too.

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