London Through My Eyes


Looking through my eyes, being in a wheelchair your view is from lower view point as I am sitting down of course, so taking pictures can be tricky as things can get in the way, peoples bums being one for example, trust and believe I’m not that kind of photo taker avoiding the word photographer as I am not that, even though done work shops at college and university on photography yes dark room and everything, however sadly I wouldn’t call myself photographer by far (in my head do like to think I am bit photographer, haha), I am just someone who likes taking pictures, although my family calls me one, bless them. For me it’s like you right there with me, seeing the sights etc, coming from someone who depends  on somebody being with me so I can go places, I look at more of my surroundings. Mmmm lovely London pollution, haha..

Do you recognise the sightings in the pics? drop it in the comments.


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