A Trip To Ronda

Flicking through my pictures on my laptop and reminiscing about the holiday I had at Christmas, longing for a holiday again. In the meantime shall enjoy the beauty of Spain through the photos.


Historic scenic breathtaking views, and just had to appreciate the surroundings. This was part of the day trip, have discussed about the day trip in older blog post if you want to check out more in detail click here. Could of easily spent more time in Ronda, Spain. So much to learn, and really take in all the culture.  In my wheelchair in tow, and my cane for areas my wheelchair couldn’t fit into, my family gain some muscles pushing me about, haha.

That leads me into, who fancies taking me on holiday? granted you become a carer when with me I’m afraid. Have you been on holiday recently, where you been? let me know, better yet if done holiday blog post link it to me in comments section.


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