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My long overdue blog post, I was lucky enough to be gifted pet supplies from some months ago, and I feel like always have excuses either health or just life but I’m glad to be finally doing it now. If you don’t know already I am pet person, I love pets sometimes I think they better than people, when you are somebody with chronic illness, you are restricted, so purchasing online is great help.

Jr the dog in the pics above, disclaimer if you follow me on instagram may of notice I have a puppy, so where’s Jr gone. Long story short he’s been rehoused due to my seizures, as it was too much distress for him, as often have paramedics here, or carers trying to help me when it’s really bad even being off with my partner, he didn’t want anybody touching me when I was having my seizures, which became very dangerous and in the end with heavy heart had to make that decision however I found him lovely home, more suited to him as he is old dog, his new owner spoils him and loves him dearly couldn’t wish for more. And no didn’t get rid of Jr to get a puppy.

Back to the review, the pictures speak for themselves. Jr loved the pet food- Huntland Adult Deboned British Turkey Grain Free Dog Food, it was gone within seconds, yep so needless to say it got his approval. If you own a dog you know venturing to different brand can be deal breaker sometimes, he took to it instantly. The dentastix treat was fun watching him chew like it was Christmas Day dinner. And Burgess Excel Barn Dried Forage for Rabbits, I can say it smells divine his home smelt lovely with this hay, Titch (pet rabbit) was eating like it was going out of fashion, both thumbs up from them well a paw, fast delivery, happy pets means mama can relax.

PS- The old name for the website was petshopbowl, however they changed the name to just petshop, excuse the confusion between the box pic and the name in the text, same shop just shorten the name.

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