Follow Me Around Day- Pets Addition, Going To The Vets.

I thought do something different, hey it’s lifestyle blog, the perks is that I can cover anything and everything. Why not bring the pets in, bring some cute factor into the blog. This week, Titch (rabbit) and Holly (dog) had their annual booster.

Thankfully they don’t get anxious going to the vets, if anything Holly gets excited, because she loves people, getting attention from staff, and the number of treats, oh my.

Patiently sitting in the waiting area.

Is it time, to get attention from another human being…

Yes I know a lot of pets dread going, cry, bark, tails dip, not this one, it’s wagging, who gets excited about annual booster injection, she even thinks the needle is food, I know, strange right, very food driven, the vet said very beagle like, so she lives up to her breed, that’s my girl.

Onto Titch, he was in his carrier originally for small/tiny dogs, however use it for Titch. He got complimented on looking so young from the vet, when she saw his age on the screen, she double looked, was like no way, I said yep, but he only looks like his two,  I said nope, his an old man, plus what made her seem more impressed that he sprinted off the vet consulting table before she could get the needle ready, so still active then, I said yep, just his more into resting, taking more naps his changed in that respect, however still does his happy dance when getting treats, dinner time, likes teasing, playing with Holly, as he knows she can’t get into his hutch/or den.

The end verdict, after booster and health checks, they both healthy, good top condition, all this made me happy, as that’s all you ever wanna hear is that, as pet owner, made me smile, as I am the one anxious before going to the vets, so put me at ease.

Hope you liked this. Do you have pets? if so, how are you and the pet/s when going to the vets.


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