9 Year Anniversary

Today is our anniversary, Titch (pet rabbit who’s in the pics) and I, he came into my life, well went into pet shop (that I know rescues pets, takes good care of the pets there whilst in their care), and he was there with his brothers and sisters, they all looked so cute, I think may of been last one left or last few not to be housed yet, and for me it was like it already decided his coming home with me, that day, as already had everything as I was in the look out for a bunny.

His very much special to me, still till this day when its treat time/feeding time he does a happy dance every time aka he runs around like excited rabbit, the way he munches down his food, still find cute, certain foods his even more cutie.

The reason why his more than just a pet to me, we’ve been together for long time, the longest living pet that’s been with me (solely), as I’ve had pets in the past but due to living in places that wasn’t allowed pets, they have either been left behind with my Mum, or later on decided be better off living with my Mum or other people. Titch and I from the start was a team.

When it was just the two of us, when I had my non epileptic seizures, or falls he would stamp his feet to alert me, repeatedly doing it, so it would draw my attention, like I said he wasn’t just a pet, now that my dog is around, my partner, his retired on having to look after me in that way, I always tell people that, because I’m proud, we would play hide and go seek, he would follow me around, even try hump me when I wore my onesie in particular (don’t ask), he would hump balloons, balls, he was randy rabbit. Minus that haha, just have fun, bring smile to my face on the toughest days.

Now that his old man, doesn’t play like that, more into having naps, chilling now. However his still my bunny, brings me joy, even if he keeps me on my toes when it comes to cleaning, as whole my pets brings me routine. Fun fact, I’ve always loved rabbits since I was little, and I’ve had four rabbits that’s including Titch.

Happy anniversary to my baby, as don’t know when he was born as only details I know he was born in the year I got him. I thought I celebrate it, as my pets are big part of my life, plus his cute, bring the blog bit of cute factor. Hope you find him cute too.

PS- plus veg doesn’t tend to get wasted around here, but Holly (pet dog) has cotton on they taste good, so she likes being included in the equation, as she’s miss piggy, typical beagle…

Do you have pets? if so how long have they been part of you’re life? if no pets, is it on the cards for the future perhaps….

3 thoughts on “9 Year Anniversary

  1. Titch, you’re so cute! Stamping your bunny feet to get your Mom’s attention after a non-epileptic seizure or fall, what a sweetheart. 🐰 💘

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