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The Lion King Stage Play. And Outfit Of The Night.

Why have I not posted this sooner. Well all in honesty been meaning too, but each time I’m still like capturing that moment of joy, achievement and knowing I FINALLY now have seen ‘The Lion King’ stage play, been wanting to go since day 1 but just never got to go.

And of course it had to be raining HARD, wind just messing up my glam for the evening/night. Lovely English weather you know RAIN. However it didn’t dampened my mood, I was ready.

I wanted to post this before year ends, as this is one of my highlights of the year.

Outfit, make up, hair out…

Like I said ready 😉

Why was this an achievement, huge one. Not only did purchase this ticket for me for my birthday, I saw this show solo, first time seeing a show, being somewhere solo since being chronically ill (being in hospital solo doesn’t count as everyone is), of course still had help getting to the theatre and back my partner was with me for that, and the staff was helpful and aware of my needs, helped me out. I even got free little pot of ice cream, birthday treat which was lovely, which was tasty treat.

Beautiful theatre, when the show starts you like wait that’s coming from behind in the audience, once the music started I melted, as this is my all time favourite Disney movie, I do have couple others, but this for me, the music, singing, the dancing, omg the set is AMAZING from the start till the end was brilliant. I would go back without shadow of doubt. If not been, do go, you’ll enjoy it.

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