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The Predator Film Day Date Outfit

Right ignore the fact I’m in front of complete different movie, my partner said he likes this background better, as his the one taking the pics I just trusted his judgement, so went with it, plus does go with my outfit.

We went on day date, my partner thought it was good idea to see ‘The Predator’ as his fan of Predator, I like it, but truthfully had he not picked it, wouldn’t of gone to the cinema to see it.

For once I’m wearing new things, hence why thought it be good to do little outfit of the day, this was impromptu outfit of the day, wish I looked in the mirror beforehand as my partner failed to tell me had hair fly aways going on, my jeans one side isn’t laying down properly on one leg,  however can’t be perfect all the time I suppose. Anyway ramble on these studs are from Jouellerie gifted to me.

The bracelet was gifted to me by Jouellerie. On my nails Ciate, shade- What The Shell.

Old shoes from Primark, jeans from Primark. So you wondering maybe on thoughts about the actual movie I watched, well it wasn’t spectacular nor was it complete trash, CGI wasn’t on point at all times, laughable at times, plenty of action, some things just seemed so far fetch, yes I know it’s movie without spoiling the plot just couple of things you was like erm ok. The film was decent (ok, watchable), just my opinion, if you love it, or hate it that’s fine, everyone is different.

Very old hoodie (as you can tell, haha). Sorry for the quality of the pics, it was rushed impromptu outfit like I said earlier. The T-shirt is from Time Bomb Tattoo & Piercing Studio from their closing down sale, as they now have relocated still staying Central. I be doing better quality pics as I was recently gifted jewellery from Jouellerie (a couple seen pictured above) and they deserve to be seen in better quality. I just wanted to do little outfit post with little film review.

Have you been cinema recently, what have you seen?x

One thought on “The Predator Film Day Date Outfit

  1. My pretty lady looking gorgeous! I really like these glasses.❤️ The jewelry looks very pretty on you. What a lovely day date.

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