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Endgame Cinema Date- Outfit Of The Day

Last week went on cinema date to see Avengers: Endgame, don’t worry no spoilers here or talk about it, other than I enjoyed/liked it.

The outfit I wore, I thought make effort ie put make up on, be bit stylish (somewhat, everyone regards style differently)….

I’m no beauty guru or beauty blogger, mascara is ELF but it’s not my fav quite glad it’s coming to an end. No7 my brows, my lipstick isn’t as poppy as this was after I ate cheesy nachos at the cinema (in itself is messy food, so I’m surprised didn’t make state of myself considering ate it in the dark), Mac: shade Herione. Rest of my face was Revolution.

*gifted studs by Jouellerie
Sorry for extra zoom in, just I didn’t like the other pics that had more of my face/my whole ear as had hair dangling down, which had fluff in it, which didn’t look cute.

It was so windy, so this pic was taken in the mist of being real windy, this was the best shot, the joggers are from ASOS, in the other pics my joggers were just flapping about, once again not cute. Yes that’s elephant on my top, I thought wear this just to soften up the outfit a bit, also yes I am wearing pink socks, just because 😉 ……

One of my favourite pics: Showing off my flatform trainers, that was given to me by niece who’s also blogger check her out- click here.

Old McLaren jacket (obviously my partners, plus it’s his beloved team).

Loving my little sparkles in the polish (shellac nails).

Back in my natural habitat aka my wheelchair, as this is how I roll. My bag is an old Nike bag, there’s Nike tick in the middle that you can’t quite see in the pic.

I love this pic: Me showing being plus sized and disabled that we are beautiful too, where’s our representation period. Oddly enough I got fair amount of attention, from the get go at our tram stop and around the town centre men and women, wasn’t look of disgust, not sure if was because of the outfit, the way I carried myself that day, it wasn’t like was wearing anything revealing, or was some trendsetter, was the first time wearing these joggers, who knows.

Thanks to my partner for taking these pics as per usual, but also doing these despite being very tired and hungry at the time.

Do you think it’s thumbs up for this outfit or down, I hope it’s a up 😉 x

4 thoughts on “Endgame Cinema Date- Outfit Of The Day

  1. Loving your pink socks paired with those pants and also loving your call for more representation. Beautiful hairstyle – looks fresh yet elegant.💛💕

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