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Holiday Periods Can Be Hard

Holiday periods isn’t always easy, when you not with family or on a holiday, can feel bit lonely or not living up to expectations, theres this pressure you must be doing something. It’s ok being home, just relaxing enjoying your own company, being with pets, or partner, binging on Netflix shows, watching movies.

Taking page out of my dogs book, Holly chilling with Patch the beagle puppy from magazine called Magiki Cuddle Buddies, my partner bought it only because had mini Holly with the magazine, haha, also to cheer me up. Social media can make you feel like losing out, feel more isolated because you not out about, or with family/friends. It’s good to take breaks, mentally can do more harm sometimes being online, also when missing those you’ve lost, it’s ok take a moment. However on the up side of the internet, if you are up to it, when you feeling alone, or low you have outreach (support groups, forums, certain apps, etc), so you are never alone. If you need to talk, leave comment down below, tweet me, or instagram- @loopysos I will try my hardest to respond back.

On that note, Happy Easter x

Here’s virtual hugs to everyone <3

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