Venom- Mini Review. Cinema Day Date Outfit

Where has the time gone, I feel like time is just rushing by, finish celebrating one thing and it’s onto the next thing like a flash. Last week my partner and I went on cinema date, I know another one, if you missed that blog post, it was about different film we recently saw, if you want to read it- click here. We love movies, even if it’s hard for me to stay awake (no matter how great it is), as for some reason my body goes into shut down mode aka relax mode, try telling my chronic fatigue the difference, so yes I do have the habit of classic couple mins nod off, even the minute nod off awake then repeat, haha, but then can watch TV for hours be ok, binge watch episodes on Netflix be ok, so odd.

Anyway so the movie itself- Venom….

My partner once again was the driving force to see this movie, at least this time I was excited to see this film, seeing the trailers, even interview on TV I was like yes I am ready. And boy this film didn’t dissapoint, I would happily see this movie again, that’s how much I liked it, gave me superhero, bit of comedy, a baddie that delivered, little love story, thumbs up from me.

Now onto the outfit…

Just simple outfit, I didn’t know my jumper was crinkled oops, we thought it be funny to do the same pose of the movie poster at the cinema, sorry we both have no idea what that film is, but we thought it be cute, if you look careful enough you be able to see my partner taking the pic, haha. Yes I am still disabled before people think I’m cured, as misconception if you standing for couple of secs or couple mins you doing well, not the case, pain is forever present, now back to the fun stuff, my outfit attire are all old (besides my jewellery, but as it’s not shown in it’s full potential not mentioned where from), my bag is from Primark years ago, even though I’ve spilt drink over it, in it, banged against things whilst I’ve had seizures, it’s somehow still going, don’t use it much nowadays as it’s been through the mill, but once and awhile gotta bring it out.

I wore friggin make up, yes bronzer, and blusher I wear the other stuff mascara and lipstick bit more often, so yes I appreciated the effort I put in for myself.

So now onto you guys- any new movies you’ve seen, doesn’t have to be cinema could be Netflix or something that’s been out for awhile not had chance to watch until now, share in the comments, I would love to know. x

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