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Who’s doing another tag, yes me 😉 saw on Gemma’s blog- wheelescapades, the tag over on her blog click here. I wasn’t tagged, just wanted to join in the fun, plus who doesn’t like little quirky way to get to know you little better.

Dog or Cat?


Netflix or Youtube?

Youtube (but I do love Netflix though).

Phone Call or Text?


Toast or Eggs?

Eggs (you can have it scrambled, boiled etc).

Cardio or Weights?


Facebook or Twitter?

Eeee I like them both for different reasons.

Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone?

Ice cream cone- Always.

Mobile Games or Console Games?

Play games mostly on my iPad.

While Walking: Music or Podcasts?

Wheelchair or using my walking aid- music.

iOS or Android?

Oh no……. I love both as have android phone, and iPad.

Cake or Pie?


Swimming or Sunbathing?

Sunbathing (as I’ve not truly swam in years).

Big Party or Small Gathering?

Small gathering, however coming from my size of family some may argue that’s a party, lol.

New Clothes or New Phone?

New phone but wouldn’t want the price tag that comes along with it.

Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?


Football or Basketball?

Football- not American football (but don’t watch it anymore, so couldn’t tell you who the young footballers are).

Nice Car or Nice Home Interior?

Nice home interior.

What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes?

Laundry ( as longer process).

Jogging or Hiking?

For me jogging, as use to do that before I became chronically ill (I don’t do that now due to mobility issues).

Bath/ Shower?


Sneakers or Sandals?

Sneakers (I love plimsolls).

Glasses or Contacts?


Hamburger or Taco?

Veggie(now) cheese burger, I love burgers!!!

Couch or Recliner?


Online Shopping or Shopping In A Store?

Shopping in a store.

Receive: Email or Letter?

Letter if it’s happy mail – not junk mail, nor bills.

Passenger or Driver?

Passenger- As I cannot drive due to seizures, not that I can drive anyway.

Tablet or Computer?

Tablet (laptop if was computer or laptop).

Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny?

Funny- my partner told me to say that, so don’t judge me on my answer, not that there’s wrong or right answer.

Car or Truck?


Blue or Red?

Actually both my favourite colours believe or not.

Money or Free time?

Money (is that bad). However we all need free time to relax. Hmm….

Amusement Park or Day at the Beach?

Day at the beach.

At a movie: Candy or Popcorn?


Pen or Pencil?


Toilet paper: Over or Under?


Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Upside Down?

Right side up.

Pancake or Waffle?

Pancake (if you follow my instagram @loopysos, you see I like pancakes).

Coke or Pepsi?


Coffee Cup or Thermos?

Coffee cup.

Blinds or Curtains?

Blinds (as I have more of them, but do like my curtains).

Train or Plane?


Phone or Tablet?

That’s tough as do spend a lot of time on my tablet.. Ahhh.. Both.

Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee?

Iced coffee.

Meat or Vegetables?


International Vacation or New TV?

Bring me a vacation. ANY DAY (plus I’m happy with my TV).

Save or Spend?

Save (I even miss out on deals sometimes because I don’t want to spend, or treat myself, my partner has to force me to spend sometimes).

Honesty or Others Feelings?


Coffee or Tea?


TV or Book?


Movie at Home or Movie at Theatre?

Movie at home, as can pause it take toilet breaks, and just be fully comfortable, however do enjoy going to the cinema.

Ocean or Mountains?

Both beautiful.

Horror Movie or Comedy Movie?

Love both.

City or Countryside?

Sorry I love both though.

Winter or Summer?


Mac or PC?

Mac, as use my partners smaller laptop like all the time, basically mine now, but technically he owns it, but let’s not get caught in the details, lol.

Console Gaming or PC Gaming?

PC Gaming.

Soup or Sandwich?


Card Game or Board Game?

Board Game, not that I’m any good at it. But I do love card games.

Camping or Binge Watching Shows at Home?

Binge watching shows at home.

Working Alone or Working in a Team?

Alone. However it’s good to have help, support.

Dine In or Delivery?


Sweater or Hoodie?


Motorcycle or Bicycle?


Book or Ebook?


When sleeping: Fan or No Fan?

Hot water bottle (chronic life, spoonie best friend).

TV Shows or Movies?

TV shows. But I do love movies.


I would like to tag Louise- ItsLouLou


Carrie- Life On The Slow Lane

and whoever wants to do the tag, sorry I’m not the greatest when thinking of who to tag, as my brain goes to blank, not that theres no bloggers to tag, just seriously go blank. Hope you liked it, I know didn’t exactly follow the rules, but meh, just thought it be nice to do it. Let me know if you do the tag, or fancy answering them in the comments, I be happy to read it 🙂


































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