Rant: Being In Invisible In The Cinema


Before you say what’s with the dodgy drawing Lucy, A. Not drawn in long time B. My hands shake after awhile, also as I am suffering with extra pains on top of my norm, which is currently under investigation so my skills isn’t up to par. Now onto the actual blog post, My partner and I was out yesterday for a date, went to my local VUE cinema to go see horror film as we both love a bit of horror. We get to the concession stands now, ready to buy a ticket, I have my crutch, granted I can’t stand long so already face first joy, thinking it be quick as there was a lot of staff on, yes it’s half term so extra busy with families, and teenagers, however my partner and I are in front of the queue ready to be served. Why is it everybody passed us to go get their tickets, I MEAN EVERYBODY, even said to one lady excuse me we in the line and STILL passed us to go get a ticket. I can’t move fast so getting to the further concessions wasn’t possible for us, none of the staff actually stopped a person and welcomed us to their concession, could see I was struggling yet done nothing, with ALL that staff, actual families barged passed us, they was quick, so couldn’t even stop them. Did my crutch not give a clue I am bloody disabled, oh sorry, forgot young people are not disabled, daily thing I face. Oh gets better nobody was there to unlock the lift so could take the lift up to the screening, so escalators it was then, but for me I can sometimes lose my balance so leaned on my partner for support. And thankfully I had my radar key so was able to access the disabled toilet, as there was NO STAFF about if I did needed the loo as it was near the screening which was a different floor from the concessions, which ALL the staff was, being useful, haha.

The funny thing is just the planning to go to the cinema, thinking of my journey, how to get there and back, ways that doesn’t involve a lot of walking, because I don’t have the comfort of my wheelchair, I have to use my backup energy making sure I remain safe. So yes going to cinema, I look forward to it, not only a treat but it’s an excursion. So when I enter cinema, and feel completely shit, guess what puts me off, thankfully once my partner calmed down, he comforted me well more like Lucy fuck it, don’t let it ruin our date, don’t give them the power, don’t feed into it, let it go. And yes did’t ruin our date. But I do want to let people know I AM NOT INVISIBLE, by default my partner became invisible because he was with me. Just know being disabled is ALL AGES, it isn’t a race, or a gender, doesn’t come in a neat package. And as long as I am on this Earth I am going to keep talking about invisible diseases, mental health and not being afraid to speak out about it.

Not invisible…..

PS- Please don’t forget to click on the gofundme logo on the side, help me raise money to buy a new wheelchair, donate, share, tweet, support, much appreciated. xx

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