Penpal- Who Needs Happy Mail??

I was in the store the other week, and saw these cute cards from WHSmith, bought them, then got me thinking about how I miss being penpal, the ones I written too their lives got busy, but also on my side, and now feels like good time to start back at it again.

If you follow me on social media, if you not, you can find me over @loopysos (instagram/twitter) I put post up, asking anyone who has chronic illness/mental health and you would like to have happy mail, that isn’t bills or junk mail, please hit me up on my comment section, social media and we can discuss further, or email me which is found in the About Meย section of my blog. Must state genuine people ONLY. I want to cheer people up, that need it the most.

I live in the UK, it is open international, beware of course if you live far, it will take some time.

On penpal level I love letters, postcards I love them too, if we become penpals. Meanwhile I mean it if you or someone you know needs little pick me up (fits criteria), let me know. Of course if theres too many people, will either have cut off point, or be huge delays, if either of that happens will let the person individually know. Please don’t be shy, without stating the obvious everything is confidential, and expect the same from you.

Now lets enjoy what they say is dying art, keep this tradition going ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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