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Outfit Of The Day- Tenpin Bowling And Arcade Date

Hey, how was everyones summer? who still enjoying last bit of it….

Partner and I went on a date, we’ve not been bowling in awhile so we thought why not. I went with casual look.

Honestly I always forget to look less moody in my outfit pics, haha, so excuse my expressions, I’m no model clearly not mastered of looking model moody not just rubbish moody.. I wore my checked shirt that was from charity shop, I done haul about that click here, funny enough my jeans was from charity shop it cost only 50p or £1, footwear Hello Kitty converse, Nike knee brace, in one of the pics have my partners trainers, cannot see it as it’s bright – adidas trainers, Mickey Mouse rucksack from Primark, oh and the earrings gifted from my Auntie.

The actual date was fun, two rounds of bowling, I lost both times, I know you feel my pain, the funny thing was the fact he asked for the name on the screen to be Gates, but instead they put Gages, no lie that tickled me. Played games in the arcade, had a break, had some food- we ordered a platter, yes there’s meat that was for my partner he ate the nuggets, cheese burgers, there was separate burger for me (veggie spicey bean burger), then we went right back to the arcade to play more games, I love playing arcade games even if I’m not that great, and in the above pic you can see the amount of tokens we had (yes the pics are not in order of event, I’ve not blogged for awhile, so I’m out of loop, do apologise).  So what did we get from the tokens?

I got a doll and llama ring, bonuses fast food basket was given with the left over food wanted to take home, yes that happened, and my partner won Max: The Secret Life Of Pets teddy through the grabber machine, which was awesome, if you not following me on social medias, just go ahead @loopysos twitter and instagram. Overall it was fun date, I’ve also posted video over on my YouTube channel, check it out that be great.
Have you been bowling recently or the arcade, simply fun events I would like to hear about it in the comments 🙂

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