New Bed And The Stress Been Happening Lately

Taken by mobile phone, excuse the quality.

Where has the time gone, since got back home from Christmas holidays my flat has been complete disarray due to mould that has caused stress and belongings being covered in mould, some things had to be chucked out as it was so bad, all because some vents was covered, as the flats where I live have been undergoing work, exterior work. However in process caused internal problems, where the mould is was the whole cupboard that I use as wardrobe and storage, being a hassle is understatement. Everything had to be washed still more too go, currently under investigation mould situation but I’ve already been told won’t get no compensation even though it’s not my fault, grr… My home has had to be changed around.

In the mist of that my bed was falling apart, causing even more back problems something didn’t need when already suffer with chronic pains, the bed wasn’t safe as the frame was getting weaker and weaker over last couple months making sleeping really uncomfortable and impossible sometimes. So it was time for upgrade, however money wise knew it was going too be tight, real tight.. Shopping for new bed wasn’t easy went to every furniture place that sold beds, needless to say prices shocked me as it was long time ago when purchased my own bed (as previous places I lived bed was provided) well courtesy of my Mum paying as flat warming gift to me. Finally found it, within budget, wooden frame wanted, and the right mattress memory foam spring, right height as that was another issue had a lot of beds was low that was in my budget who knew, and wanted room underneath as have tiny room, so could still store stuff and that itself was work as didn’t know just how much crap I had under the bed, de-cluttered the bedroom.

Now have high enough bed so can get on and off the bed easier, more room, comfort and better yet bought from ‘House Of Reeves’ might of heard it was in the news when the riots happened being one of the places that got effected by it. Glad to support small business as it was huge purchase (for me), very helpful, wasn’t pushy sells man and fast delivery time. New bed sheet set bought from Primark was on sale as I said budget. I’ve rambled enough time for a cuppa.

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