My Ratings On The New F1 Cars (Purely Visual).

With F1 testing this week, and the releases of all the new cars, last one shown thee day of testing Monday 18th February which was Alfa Romeo Racing team. I know you must be like wait Lucy what do you know about F1 having partner who’s super fan, it’s hard to ignore, I won’t lie as kid loved my car collections (sadly due to bad memory I can’t name them), would have car races (different locations, mix up the winners, would have crowds, storylines) you would think I be F1 fan or motorsports fan in general, seemed to of missed that boat. However my partner and my brother loves F1.

So why am I talking about it, when you have partner who has a new top every year repping his team McLaren, it makes me thinks how much does a team change, from their drivers, to sponsorships, team bosses/team managers, etc down to new car every year, like how much work goes into designing a new car every year, that’s a lot then also the actual sport itself. From visual aspect only (not the new parts, engines etc), in my personal opinion.

Least to favourite.


Racing Point, as refuse to say the whole damn name, way too long. It’s sad to have this bottom of the list, as this car use to look like Hello Kitty car (just without the kitty of course), beloved rest in peace Rex (bearded dragon, lizard) use to love this team, as loved the colour. Now it’s different shades of pink, with white and blast of blue, nothing blends in naturally, just mesh mash, nothing is cohesive.


Red Bull, unbothered.


Haas, even though it’s nice slick black car, wish the Haas part was little more popping, or the sponsor part was perhaps, just something.


Toro Rosso, it’s just ok, not bad not great.


Alfa Romeo Racing, when you think of racing red and white can’t go wrong, but just didn’t make the cut for the top five,   as didn’t give me that extra second look, as in look at it once but not seeking to look at it again in detail, if that makes any sense.


Williams, ok have soft spot for this team, one being it’s British team yes, the fact Sir Frank Williams built the team from nothing, worked his ass off, still till this day is part of it, his daughter is the team principle. Anyway this car did grow on me, before you say so why is it in the top 5, I still wanted to see this car, not just because it’s Williams (ok I am bit bias), I love the shade of blue then goes into white, it blends, I think the sponsor was the thing that may of threw me off, as you got the red O, the sponsor name logo isn’t great, had it been different font perhaps, it would of made this car much better. Ok ok sue me, but cannot question the beauty of it when on track…..


Mercedes, lets be honest effortless, elegant, stylish…


Renault, black and yellow the colours go well together, the yellow is cleverly placed, makes it stand out giving you that edge to the car.


Ferrari, the longest running F1 team. This shade, the fact it looks like different colour under certain lighting, so gives the illusion, has people saying it’s this colour/shade, opening conversation starter. Ferrari is classic, when someone says name F1 team everyone names Ferrari without even knowing F1. I personally love this shade of colour, even in the background while testing was on, found myself watching it.


McLaren, I know you was expecting it, from the time I said my partner is massive McLaren fan, well yes there’s influence, however they did pull it out the bag. But wait Lucy how does the blue and orange blend into each other, no lie as soon as saw this car, I went sweet, this looks good, it stands out, very modern, fresh.

All Images are from BBC Formula 1 Sport.

And that was my visual aspect chart on the new cars (class of 2019, let’s call it).

What’s your favourite? let me know.

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