My Tribute To Cheryl


Jesus said,
“Do not let
your hearts
be troubled.
Trust in God
trust also in me.”
John 14:1

Today is my friend’s funeral, sadly I’m unable to attend, as it’s too far for me to travel and my best option would be a lift there and back sadly though I don’t have that option at my disposal. Thankfully her friend and family understand as my health makes it hard to travel long distances without support etc. This is my tribute my memory to Cheryl.

We met online, became dear friends that we both could confide in, things of our past we certainly related too, which made our bond stronger. It seems so surreal a word best describes that, Cheryl dear friend said to me. I became relaxed that she was only phone call away, text message, email and that somehow her illness wouldn’t take her away from this earth but it did. This purple heart you see the picture was gifted to me by Cheryl and guess what I use it for, my comforter, travels with me as I use it as a distraction when I’m feeling I’m about to have a seizure as it brings me comfort. Just like that, you’re stuck with me. I’m wearing my pigtails in honour of Cheryl as she thought it was always cute when I had my pigtails, and I’ll be wearing something colourful in honour of her as that’s what she wanted, probably Hello Kitty because she knew I loved it and she loved cats.

Even doing this blog post has made me very emotional, as I know she liked my blog which is why I’m doing this post.

You shall be missed.

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