Me In Lottery Advert

Yes you heard it right, the title says it all, so lets start from the beginning can’t remember the date but this was months ago, was in town for appointment but as we was early (partner and I) we decided to kill some time, in the midst of going around shops, group of camera crew came toward us and asked if you want to be part of an advert, my partner declined but turned around to me, he could see I wanted to do it however knew was going to say no, so he’s like “go on Lucy, you know you want to”, won’t lie I’m glad he gave me little pep talk, even though I was looking like a hot mess, still happy I did it, won’t lie I felt like achieved something during that time frame my mental health was crap not that it’s doing amazing now, but gave me little booster even if it was just for short period.

Won’t lie it just felt natural being in front of the camera, not that I’m actress or anything yes growing up did want to be, amongst other things. The pics are behind the scenes.

I picked a number (the ball) at by random, mine was number 20 from there they gave me instructions, repeat saying the number 20 different ways, and the line you meant to say. Then it hit me is this for The National Lottery, yes they said to me from the start what it was, but it only dawned on me when picked out the number, yes I’m tad slow sometimes, haha.

Brought my A game, and done it, this isn’t me hyping my own self, the lady said I was really good, and the crew was impressed with me, don’t worry I don’t think anyone be knocking on my door to be on TV. This ad was unpaid, no freebies or anything. Overall it didn’t take long at all. They told me the dates when it will air, but of course with TV stuff it’s not until months later it airs, they told me I be showed, however at first it was just my voice being used for the no.20 from certain date onwards for time period, and out the blue, my eldest sister messaged in family group chat that I was on TV as she watches X-Factor and airs during their ad break, can’t lie I was hyped, made my weekend. So no further adieu, here is me 🙂 click on video below x

I appear at 14 seconds

Hope you enjoyed my 2 secs of fame lol.

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