Mabel Concert At 02 Brixton Academy

I was looking through my gallery of pics on my phone, mainly to see what I could delete if I was keeping it 100, phone storage reasons, and came across my Mabel concert pics, that never blogged about, yes I’ve been to gig of hers that I Blogged about previous year prior to this concert, if you want to check it out click here.

So once you read that blog, you’ll see in smaller venue, then bring on following year it’s at BIGGER venue, the last time I went 02 Brixton Academy I saw Dua Lipa also blogged about that click here. That was whole saga, from transportation (not the venue fault), the experience of getting out the venue (of course down to the venue), even just navigating through the crowd was different this time. I got an UBER this time to the venue (made sure I saved money aside for it, plus as I know the area, couldn’t mess me about with the location, so certainly helped, before you go wait you didn’t know about the train station the layout of it etc, I never needed the train to get there, always got the bus or tube there, this was pre chronic ill me). Straight from the bat, got out the UBER member of staff from the venue came over helped with my wheelchair along with my brother who attended the concert with, who met me there. Was friendly, took us through. By the way the staff wasn’t being friendly because they know I blog, they had no idea, I’m not on their radar, trust me.

Ready for the concert (pre warn you this concert taken place Wednesday 12th December 2018).

The support act

So who was it- Ruel a talented artist who could not believe is so young, he wrote the songs, sang it great, played guitar, and the confidence, charisma had on stage and his only 16 like what…..

The girls went crazy for him, I’m old enough to be his mum (no joke, dead serious), so no fainting over here, I’m grandma to him, and that’s fine, just here to enjoy the music. I knew one or two songs before attending the concert, so had little idea, but didn’t know what he looked like until looked on Youtube saw couple of his vids as thought check out support act before the concert. He was good live. Can see him going far.


Toilet break, I forgot there’s ramp bit before you get to toilets, as it’s part of the floor area of the standing audience, so it was bit tricky as went alone, as didn’t want our area stolen, or get confused that we gone for good, plus the floor can be sticky where people been drinking, foot traffic you feel it with ya tyres, fine, normal, however forgot about the toilet situation, the door comes out in doorway, thankfully passer by helped, as struggling not to have the door hit anybody nor bash me in. Coming out, security/staff was passing by and helped me back to my spot, he did ask beforehand if needed help, my brother was concerned as it being so busy, people don’t see wheelchair passing through, yes you be surprised how many don’t, and of course big thing me not having a seizure, so the sign of relief when got back safely, my brother was like phew, as did think to himself do I need to go and get her.

The main act

Mabel, this time I went with fellow fan aka my brother (granted stated who attended this concert with, but carry on Lucy), as dragged my partner last time not that didn’t like it, just it wasn’t his thing, did make a difference as had someone with me to sing along with, be excited, hyped.

Do apologise quality of pics, my phone isn’t the greatest, distance, darkness my phone wobbled, with the flash blinded the audience and me, just looked wrong so it was no no, so this is without the flash, the pics.

She sang her singles, and her features, guest surprise Not3s he rapped, which made us the audience happy, it was good, sorry no pics, too busy singing, seeing my brother so happy as he loves the song ‘My Lover’ by Not3s features Mabel. Mabel performed couple of new songs, which one of them is out now ‘Don’t Call Me Up’ gave us dance routines.

The end of the concert, thought finally take pic of us, as forgot at the beginning, my brother was getting chatted up by older lady much older lady she looked older than our mum (granted our mum looks much younger than her age). I was sad that she didn’t perform more songs, like many others we thought concert be longer, but overall still good concert, she gave us vocals, live band, dancers, choreography, and the Mabel signature swag.

Just for jokes
The aftermath…..
Oh and it was nice getting better view this time, as nearer to the wall and no pillar blocking me this time.

Home Time.

Any concerts/gigs going too or would like to attend? x

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  1. Hozier is playing at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery this year. I bet that’ll be a beautiful show. I hope a clip goes on YouTube so I can watch. So happy to see that you and your brother had a great time.🎶

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