Insensitive Council Employer


Last night I experienced insensitive council employer on the phone, my flat currently has leaks due to the flat upstairs and their dodgy bathroom & kitchen. As you know not long moved into this property, so why so many problems, but let’s concentrate on this call. I’m stressed, emotional, very achey as my health suffers. I explain to the person on the phone, repairs line, that my flat is hazard, leaking in dangerous spots, I am currently still living with leaks, so it’s raw right now. I told the person I am disabled so this is more of a problem, he replied it doesn’t say you are disabled on their records, I said not long moved in, only just seen the tenancy officer this week, so my records wouldn’t be updated yet. The advice after saying my flat unsafe, the leaks are not stopping, he told me go upstairs to the flat above me, and tell the neighbour situation and get his side of things, I said I CANNOT go upstairs to confront the man who lives above, he said why not, I said I am disabled. You think that be it, he come up with different solution, nope, he told me why don’t you try go up there, how many times do I need to say, I have chronic illnesses, at this point I was highly annoyed, how can I try, please tell, I walk with crutch and wheelchair user, I suffer with non epileptic seizures, my bathroom is disabled fitted, what more proof do you need. How dare you ask someone, who can’t, just try, take your time up, hell no….

After awhile, he said I ring upstairs to get the man come downstairs, why couldn’t he just do that, after already explaining my situation. Once again feeling invisible, but this time by phone, belittling my illness, actually so stressed, then that on top, won’t lie, before bed I cried my eyes out, I felt so small, like I don’t want to be ill, but I am, unfortunately I didn’t get the man’s name, to make formal complaint, how dare you. And yes I am going to air how I feel, as nobody should be made to feel this way.

Insensitive Council Employer!!!!

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