Inconsiderate Travellers

Now just to warn you, this is going to be rant blog post, so you’ve been warned. It’s about inconsiderate travellers, and what do I mean by that, you wonder, well……

Partner and I was on the tram the other day in the afternoon, me in my wheelchair in the disabled section. Wasn’t busy tram at all, the journey was going fine until the last part, a mother with her pushchair decided to push her pram through the aisle, however there was stroller beside the seat ahead of us, and just couldn’t fit through, so the the person moved the stroller out of the way completely so the pram could fit through the aisle, mind you the tram wasn’t busy remember, she could of easily sat down somewhere else with the pram.

We all know what that sign is, well should know, the image above is the disabled sign. Yet SO MANY ignores it, very much regular occurrence, this is one of the reasons why disabled people don’t like using public transport/hinders it. You are wondering so what happened then, well this lady decided to push her pram right in front of me, there wasn’t enough space for her pram, anyone could see there wasn’t enough room. But oh no this lady was determined to make it work, and FORCEFULLY pushed her pram into the space, hitting my feet, legs and knee. Just like many people with chronic illnesses, I am semi sensitive to touch (just that we feel things more compared to someone who isn’t ill), when unexpected oh boy does it hurt. The pain was so bad, it shot through my body, the intense pain made me nauseous (when I’m intense pain I feel sick, sometimes even vomit, just perk my body likes to give sometimes), no word of lie the South London in me wanted to come out and tell this woman about her lack of spacial awareness, this is disabled area after all, jamming ya damn pram in front of disabled person, didn’t say sorry or nothing as she jammed her pram in. Just no awareness, and there was plenty of space on the damn tram as well. However my partner stopped me from going off, just said we getting off in mo, it’s ok, but it wasn’t, reached my destination funny enough was to carers support centre, where I bust into tears immediately due to the pain, really thought was going to vomit, thankfully I didn’t, people there just got it, as other disabled people in waiting area, all could relate.

Just why?… I now have bruise on my leg, part of my bad knee (always the same knee) extra achey, my left ankle hurts more, bit of bruising but as it’s naturally darker there hard to tell, plus my body can be slow burner (sometimes) not show up until days later, by then forgotten the cause as my memory can be shocking. Sad part about it, the person has NO IDEA the impact damage they done, all because they wanted the pram in that space, I’m left with the after effects. Just want people to be spacial aware of disabled people, stop being so selfish, making us feel less than. I’m already in damn pain already all day everyday then add on incidents like that, just not cool…..

PS- sorry for the rough illustration/ writing, I had saved the original ones but they magically disappeared, so had to redo them, by that point I was more on the tired side, so it came out rougher, but hope you still like it, nonetheless, you know me if follow my blog, I do this stuff myself.

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