I Miss You Christmas

Better late than never, this post is so late, I’m so sorry but just been adjusting to reality, you know how it is after the festive high. I wanted to mark this celebration down, as last year faced whole new way of living, I became vegetarian, my first Easter, Birthday and now Christmas as vegetarian it was the times of the year I was semi dreading (not my birthday) as I’m used to tradition, Good Friday eat fish, Easter eat lamb (usually), Christmas breakfast ackee and salt fish that also has bacon in it (when you have Jamaican parent you know) eat turkey for dinner and the many other joys my mum makes that is a meat dish, then of course theres the Sunday roast- chicken.

Had two Christmas’s, one held at mine, as my partner had the great idea to do meal here, as we wouldn’t be spending Christmas Day itself together. He cooked fabulous meal, had family over.

Ofcourse this was my meal, the actual Christmas dinner they had involved duck.

Who doesn’t love crackers!!!

Onto Christmas no2, the actual day of Christmas, who needs turkey, when theres other joys. My Mum and John got this and I’ve forgotten what it’s called but it was all of Christmas rolled into one, for a veggie.

I was stuffed after this meal.

Pic borrowed from Louise my niece but more like my lil sister, enjoying the nice cocktail Mum made (another tradition, either makes rum punch, or cocktail).

New Years Day Meal (family meal), love Mum made her own little thing for me to substitute the meat part of the dish.

This was my look for New Year’s Eve, just wanted to end the post with me trying to look cute, haha. I won’t be doing look back on 2018 blog post nor will I be doing New Years Resolutions, as already have goals for myself where just want it to be organic, not by this month must have done A, B, C, D. Thank you for letting me relive my Christmas one more time 😉

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