I Awarded Myself A New Tattoo

First off want to apologise my blog has been inconsistent since towards end of July to now, took break away to recharge, then once home been faced with multiple challenges, stress, health hasn’t been great (more rubbish than usual, won’t go into detail here, maybe in different blog post), yes even had bit of social life in between there, amongst appointments.

Now onto the actual tattoo, it been long time since I’ve had tattoo, the person that done my previous tattoo’s was old guy, that had his own little studio, didn’t have social media or nothing, just mobile call to set appointment. Plus it was such awkward location to get too. It was time to look closer to home, or at least easier to get too. Looked online, websites, social medias, reviews, really looked into it. Which place that stood out, raving reviews ‘Time Bomb Tattoo & Piercing Studio‘ easy to get too, which was great.

Entering the place, friendly staff, cool clothes in the shop which if I had enough money would of so bought stuff.

Why did I want a tattoo, why did award myself this. Heres little background that brought me here. This year has been about my mental health, it started with going to well-being group on weekly basis for six weeks, yes I did miss half or two sessions, first time going to group that involves discussing mental health, it’s always been pain groups for chronic pains. So it was new experience for me. Then went onto do Reablement programme bit later on, that is under local mental health team, of course had assessments all that beforehand. It wasn’t therapy, CBT or anything like that, simply weekly sessions on trying to manage life better, as in getting you back into things you enjoy again, getting out, hobbies, structure, etc. It helped having someone support me in things, or just having a moan that happened in that week. That was for 12-14 weeks. So you can imagine my year so far has been busy, I did commit to it, surprised myself. When it finished, tattoo was birthday present and well done gift.

Above: The drawing of it, before tattoo’s on it.

I looked online for image that fitted me, that stood for mental health and my NEAD/FND, this image screamed out to me, the whole mixed messages, the tree is shaped of a head, branches going in different directions, if you suffer with mental health you know what I mean, also NEAD/FND the whole mix signal. Nothing is straight forward, or simple.

It’s time to start the actual tattooing.

The guy who done it, Nadz was cool. The downside the tattoo and piercing is downstairs, so there is steps, my partner and the railings helped, the manager did offer to help me, so that is downside, however they are relocating, so the new place might be accessible, I don’t know. I was determined to get my tattoo there, plus the toilets was down there, so didn’t need to go up and down, not that could physically, so thank goodness for that. So you wondering does it hurt, this will sound bizzare I found it relaxing, zoned out listening to music while he done it, towards the end we chatted, some bits felt more than other bits, the hardest part was keeping still to be honest, having numb bum.

The final product:

This pic was taken now, every time wanted to take pic, it’s been too dark, so it’s been hard to get decent pic, so do apologise of the quality, trust me looks great. Now fully healed and everything. The great thing about this place, they do check ups as part of the package. After two weeks you go there, look at the tattoo, I had to go couple times as mine took bit longer to heal, I didn’t have to go downstairs for the check up so that was bonus. Would I go there again, YES. Will I be get more tats YES, if I had the coins would be planning the next one. This wasn’t sponsored, nor was the tattoo free, just little update on me.

Do you have any tattoo’s? or thinking of getting one, share in the comment section 😉 it be good to hear.

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