How I Spent My Halloween- Pumpkin, Cinema Date And More.

It was that time of the year again yesterday Halloween. As tradition Mark and I carved pumpkins (done it a bit late this year done it night before, as we usually do it couple days before), well I just drawed on the pumpkin and my partner craved mine for me as I was too fatigued. It’s always nice seeing it on social media what people have carved, seeing it in shop windows, sometimes in front of peoples houses. Also we was prepared for trick or treaters, had a couple not a lot, so we got a lot of left over chocolates..

Even my knock off Tamagotchi Colour had a pumpkin, which I thought was mega cute.

Holly (our beagle dog) was sporting her skeleton jacket that she loves, because it’s soft, and she likes her comforts.

Her casually modelling it, haha. Holly does have instagram page of her own, if you wanna see cute pics of Holly you’ll like it over at @holly_dc_beagle.

Last minute make up choice, didn’t have this planned clearly, just knew I wanted something for Halloween.

Do little creepy look, couldn’t help myself.

We went on Halloween date to the cinema at night, what fitting then to go see a Horror and the day it came out, this was at our local tram stop, so it was like the universe was telling us to go. So we went to see ‘Doctor Sleep’.

Overall the film was real good, won’t be giving no spoilers or reviews as just want to this to be about how spent my Halloween, however one part of the film when his in hospice, I cried as made me think of my Grandma who just passed away on 27th October 2019, so it was raw for me, then it made me think of my friends who passed away due to illness in recent years, also made me think of my friend who’s just experienced death in the family due to health as well, it was like they was sitting on the seats, I was looking around at empty seats essentially, did get a chill, made me think I hope they all at peace.

On cheerier note travelling to the cinema was funny, as wasn’t wearing my glasses so wasn’t sure if anyone was actually looking at my face, only had my partners eyes to tell me, he said “few did LOOK”, as didn’t want my glasses to hide my face and miss out the full effect, when in the cinema with good lighting I could see one couple was bit baffled, to be honest I enjoyed it.

Do you know what else I enjoyed wearing for the night my cape, this is how I looked in the cinema, this pic was taken at the end of the film, after the pop corn and Coca Cola, we didn’t get home until the AM, I was like look at us, for him hadn’t been to cinema that late and also day of film coming out in very very long time, mine not as long as his but still awhile. What a way to end the day, the season of spooky, we did watch thriller/horror films over October as we are a couple that loves it but gives him more of excuse to watch it, don’t worry it’s not all condensed into one month we only watch horror, no no, however he absolutely loves it and it’s his favourite season. Now it’s over if you live in the UK, it will be  Bonfire Night next, although fire works start from any where from middle of October, or towards the end any time now as even as type this fireworks going off now, so actual date or being closest to the actual date of Bonfire Night is irrelevant these days, crap time of the year for pets poor things.  Oh before I go, please do check out my Youtube channel, truly appreciate it.

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