Doja Cat Concert. Outfit And Meeting Doja Cat.

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On Tuesday my partner took me to Doja Cat concert at Heaven (London), to say I was pumped for this is under statement.

I had my braids down, rainbow shellac nails, Nike knee brace support, my bright pink rucksack that’s became tradition to wear when going to concerts, red lipstick- Mac Ruby Woo and Maybelline vivid matte liquid, with aztec turban I bought years ago on Ebay. Mickey Mouse dungaree, it’s written on the dress as well, the belt is covering part of the written print the dress is from Primark, which was also in my Primark haul on Youtube click here.

The supporting act didn’t turn up which was Saweetie, us the audience did wonder what was happening, as time was passing by of when she was meant to be on, and the music was on repeat. Skip back, this was my second time going there as went to see Mabel couple years ago, blogged about that click here. Omg just looked at that post wearing the same turban, oops that was for sure not planned. Once you get to the venue, staff will take you around the back, when and if needed help, right there to help. One of the things I like about this venue you get great view of the stage, you not far away at all, like the security lady said it’s like being VIP’s which is fab, only downside is the disabled toilet needs member of staff to open it, there isn’t radar key lock on the door, it’s standard lock on the door.

It was so hard shortlisting the pics, as you can imagine their was like hundred pics, but these were the best I think, as you can see close ups of the artists in various positions/movements, seeing her live was like having a party, everyone just having fun, seeing people in various cow prints clothing as her song called moo, famous song of hers, if you watch Youtube you would of seen it. Anyway being the oldest of the crowd, didn’t stop me having fun, music doesn’t have a an age!

Doja cat sang, rapped, and danced her juicy bum off, hair on point, make up, outfit snatched. Seeing her live was great, the energy, the love she has for her fans. The last songs brought on people from the audience onto the stage to twerk to her song, honestly if I was physically able didn’t have chronic illnesses I would of been on that stage dancing, trust me I was dancing in my wheelchair during the concert, singing along as always do. If you not seen her live, go see her live, my partner who’s not even into that music enjoyed himself, and his hard to please.

A clip from the concert 😉

Now the next thing that happens isn’t fun, after the concert go to the toilet, finished weeing I know that part but next parts are a blur, my partner Mark was able to get to me before one started as I opened the door, once with him that’s when I have no idea what has happened, go on to have seizures, security calls for a medic, and we in the medics room for awhile, having more seizures, medic cooling me down, and Mark sharing with the medic what to do, and the ladies name (medic) is Lisa, Mark told me she was great, didn’t call for an ambulance (as it’s not needed unless injure myself or there’s other concerns), just spoke to me made sure I was safe alongside with Mark, didn’t rush me, gave me time that I needed, of course he jumped into action keeping me hydrated, pain relief meds, inhaler to help me breath.

This very fruit platter was in Doja Cat fridge, remember Lisa saying what special lady was donated to me as the security lady gave it to us said where it was from.

Then they decided to move me outside, get some fresh air, get some cool breeze on the way had more seizures, but I do remember the breeze waking me up a little bit, then this bit felt like someone was pranking me, Lisa was like you MIGHT be seeing Doja Cat (the security alerted her), I was like yeah yeah, security lady who wished could of thanked personally (Mark done it for me) not only did she donate one of the pink Doja Cat ball that was thrown about during performance, that she saved for her sisters, gave me one didn’t have too, which I thought was mega sweet as did help with my FND symptoms as made me focus on not dropping it and not losing it on the way home. So we outside, back area of the venue and I honestly thought my seizures was making me see things, nope, it was REAL, Doja Cat was walking towards me, I just balled my eyes out as I was anxious after having my seizures in public place (even though where we were wasn’t busy, plus home time, I think getting ready for after party). I held Lisa’s hand, she clarified this is real. I’ve had Doja Cat videos on repeat, seen several interviews, follow her instagram, sometimes catch her live chat, listen to her music on repeat- get me through mundane things, help me have my danced like no one is watching you moments ALOT, have fun, sexy/spice, cheer me up. I love her Californian accent, so pretty, lovely person, it was great having conversations with her, she told me I was beautiful, she loved my rainbow nails, her nails was fabulous, pretty couple of times I was like ME, ole me, see pretty women all the time, so I was like taken back of the lovely compliments, also her DJ is cool guy his in the pic above, I even told her about Primark as I mentioned my dress was from there. Hugged and kissed on the cheek by Doja Cat yeah that happened, also signed my ball which I will frame (deflate of course, plus don’t want my dog getting her paws or mouth on it). So what a night!!!

PS- Special thanks to the staff (all those that helped me even more so), from start to end.

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    1. She even done the song twice, forgot to do Rico Nasty part (when doing it second time round at the end) as everyone on stage was dancing with her she lost track of the song having too much fun, one young guy done the splits and then got up twerked against the railings 😜 x

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