Disabled.. And Robbed…


Yes you read the title correctly, so not long ago was in the process in moving, you might be thinking yes you moved couple months ago if you follow my blog, well I’ve moved again, yes the shortest tenancy record, well due to the property being deemed as unsafe amongst other problems which won’t go into detail, needed to move.

Once again on the move again, still not recovering from the the previous move, it was time, and boy was I happy to leave, and this incident sealed the deal for me. So what happened you asking? On the day of the actual move, removal company was hired, not by me, need to state that, as this removal company that’s meant to help disabled people supposedly, trusted company, nope, they was SHIT, half ass job they done. So they leave now to go to the new property, leaving this very suitcase pictured above at the front door to the flats, propping it open, so they could come in and out without needing to buzz them in every time, not only was left there to prop the door, they left their trolley behind, that helps move big items, get phone call could you please check if we’ve left it behind if so, keep an eye on it, I go out now looking for the trolley, only to find my suitcase is there left behind, A. Why wasn’t it in the truck, B. Why was it left inside my actual flat. As I go to my suitcase, which is now not propping the door, but now in the presence of strangers man hands, the man is rummaging through my suitcase, looked at me, took something and ran, but it gets better, he stops midway looking back at me like haha you can’t catch me, you can’t run, as he see’s my crutch, and I looked weak, as super exhausted that day, it was wasn’t a kid, young man/woman, it was middled age, dressed nicely guy, olive skin with flat cap on, I felt POWERLESS, in that moment I felt very disabled. It’s moments like that scares me, not scared as in fearful of people, scared that I cannot protect myself, without going into detail faced a lot in my life, and one thing I am not is a victim I am survivor. Even though wasn’t attacked by the robber, it was the look of you can’t catch me was the killer blow, and once screamed shouted, I locked the door to that flat and thanked the Lord was going to somewhere better. Waved goodbye to the drug dealers that was dealing right at the corner of where I use too live, a neighbour that was evil, yes in that very short period I dealt with a lot, and that’s not all of it. It was never a home.

Oh you must be wondering what did he take, sadly due to bad memory, lack of sleep, exhaustion, being very achey couldn’t remember what I packed in that suitcase, so don’t know what he exactly took, I know it’s something that can be replaced, as my sentimental things was still in there. And this suitcase is actually from antique shop, has back story but go into that another day perhaps.

So if anyone is moving, make sure you go with removal company that has good reviews, highly recommended, you feel comfortable and confident with. Sadly I didn’t have that option this time round, as it was out of my hands, as the move before that, I researched, rang around, and would recommend them if you was local area to me, and best believe when they say moving is stressful, try doing it with chronic illnesses and doing it twice in under two months, madness. Don’t ask me how I did it, but with support got there, which I am grateful for.

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