Date Night With The Dog As Well

A couple weeks ago, we had date night but what made it different was, Holly (pet dog) looked at my partner and he was like why don’t we bring Holly with us on the date, we’ve never brought her on a date/eaten somewhere that wasn’t a park with her, so I only had couple minutes to search online before heading out, where was dog friendly.

I made sure date ready, freshly painted nails.

Made sure I looked cute for the date (well my standards lol).
Then the magic duo.

So where did we end up going for our date, we went to nice dog friendly pub in Wimbledon Village, it’s nice area, as wanted to go somewhere different and my partner has never been to that area (although it was getting dark by time we got there and when leaving pitch black, so hopefully one day he gets to see it in daylight), when we entered we was greeted by other breeds of dog (other customers), as the time went along as we were there, greeted by fair amount. Oh boy did Holly get attention, she loved it.

We went to Rose And Crown pub for our date (the pic was taken when we left the pub).

Yes had me a glass (rose), I like mine sweet (personal preference).

Above is shared platter my partner ordered for himself, as hadn’t eaten all day, plus pushing me about, he needed refuelling. He shared his food with Holly, I also had a bit (the vegetarian bits).

I had vegetarian stew with sour cream on it with sourdough bread, was tasty.

Enjoyed my meal, drink and the company.

Considering how busy the pub was (this pic was taken before the pub got full), Holly was good girl, besides the odd bark here and there, more of hello there is another dog, nothing like howling to that extent, we would of been chucked out otherwise, saying that staff loved her, got treats from all of them, overall she was good, just wanting attention from start to end of our time out from strangers, it’s funny how so many people smiled, even the ones that thought they was secretly smiling, we saw you.

Pic above is us travelling home, with tired doggy, we all was tired and ready for home.

And that was our date, yes Holly was in her skeleton jacket. Considering only had minutes of researching, didn’t do too bad, there was some obstacles, if you follow my instagram you will know lift was broken at the station etc and some other stuff, but despite that overall we had good date, Holly enjoyed herself.

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