5 Tips To Save Money


Money, money, money…. Some of us are on very low income or you might be on good income but still find yourself stuck, wondering why am I so broke at the end of the month, this is just some of my tips, as I’ve not lived with family since age 17 and I am now 30, I did learn the hard way, and fast. So keeping myself out of the red has always been my main priority.

Here are my own personal tips:

  1. Have a BUDGET. First and foremost, do not live beyond your means.
  2. Work out how much you spend on your utility bills each month, are you over paying on some bills, like myself found paying out more and getting less for my money, however come to find out entitled to better package for same price. Cut out things you do not use, example cable if you don’t even watch TV why have money pouring out unnecessarily. Cheaper alternatives to paying bills, via direct debit instead of paying at the Post Office, what bills are paid every couple of months and bills that are monthly, so you can calculate how much goes out, how it varies, of course putting in perspective- seasons, colder months, and the warmer months. Now you can see the figures, how much goes out, learn you’re bank statements as it will become mental note to you.
  3. Lists- very important. Do not impulse buy, think over on big purchases, see where you can make sacrifices or perhaps save over period of time until you can afford big purchase. Food shopping always have grocery list, buy what you need, as so often get distracted end up with not even the items we required. Once again spending more unnessarily.
  4. Do not go into your overdraft if you have one, as you’ll end up more broke as you’d be paying more out. Remember nothing is free money, it all comes with a cost, especially with a credit card, always make sure you pay back the full amount by the due date to avoid paying interest, using Credit Card Insider as an educational resource can help you organise your repayments efficiently if you find yourself struggling each month.
  5. Bargains is your best friend, do not be ashamed to buy things when it’s on sale, I am somebody who loves a bargain, feels no way in waiting I don’t have to be the first to have everything not that I do. Look at various websites, compare sites, check out reviews. Always voucher websites, coupons can find in newspaper, and various outlets.

Hope you like it and found it as helpful to you as it is to me. One last thing always have enough for rainy days, aka emergencies, if possible. These are just some of my tips, I’m not accountant or adviser, just somebody who doesn’t want the bailiffs knocking at my door.


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