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So A LOT has happened since I’ve last blogged, after a very very long battle I am now in adapted home, no more dangerous steps when entering and leaving home, bigger space and overall better place. However the timing of the move was crazy, over the Christmas period, while people was enjoying the holidays, my life consisted of packing, phone calls, packing, more calls.. Christmas Day was spent surrounded by boxes. With very little time to move, the pressure was on, I lived at my previous home for 10 years longest place I’ve ever lived at, so yes over long period of time I have accumulated a lot of things, actual become hoarder, when I moved back to London on my own, age 16/17 years old I had one black bag to my name so from that, to flat with too much things for me, felt over whelming.

For me moving became a lifestyle almost, I thought yeah I got this, forgetting one thing I had in my favour in the past, the biggest thing MY HEALTH. I wasn’t ill back then, I never knew how physically draining this was going to be, just how much it would take out of me, to the point I was worried I was going to be hospitalised because of it. Moving is no joke, add being chronically ill into the mix, Christmas period so people are away, busy, off, etc, it was mission impossible task.

Now that I’m in the new spot, the work hasn’t stopped there. I have a lot of things still to go through, things that I’m giving away, going to charity, or in the bin, by the way it’s not like designer goods, collectable items just general things that been gifted to me over the years, or bought etc. And you will be on this journey with me, as create new space, use pieces I have as different furniture pieces, while bringing you along to my hospital appointments and the general life of Loopy (aka bit of everything).

New Year, new chapter, blog more.

PS- Still trying to raise money for new wheelchair, time isn’t on my side, as truly need it. Help if you can, truly be grateful. Click here for my Gofundme page. x



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