Little Family Holiday To Brighton

I know it’s been ages since I’ve Blogged, thought I take a break and that break just kept getting longer. Then I took actual physical break, that was much needed, my partner and I have not been on trip for years, and this was the first time bringing the dog with us, so of course we stayed at a dog friendly hotel. I was so happy when got to Brighton Train Station, as we went via train (the journey isn’t long), we didn’t want the first holiday with the dog to be long journey, plus I didn’t fancy long journey and multiple changes on the train for this trip.

Entrance of the hotel/reception area.

Our Room (there is another bed in the room, which ended up where Holly slept, she kept her bed tidy, didn’t go under the covers). I might do separate post about the hotel itself or maybe on my instagram, I’m not sure, for this post just want to focus on the break itself.

Our hotel is in this pic, just ahead. We went to various places whilst on our stay there, well places we could take the dog, as she was acting up didn’t want to be separate from us, which was silly as we wouldn’t of been apart for long.

Volk’s Electric Railway Track.

Abandoned Building.

On the way we passed the nudest beach, I saw naked man, part of naked lady, but from my wheelchair view point couldn’t see much however partner saw much more, I’ve got nothing against them, people should be free to express themselves, two young ladies seemed digusted by it, yet couldn’t stop looking though, yeah ok…..

This was the destination, the nudest beach just happened be on route that wasn’t planned- being truthful.

I love the views from there.

I couldn’t pick just one, sorry.

Always got to visit the gift shops, I collect fridge magnets and postcards.

Brighton West Pier (sadly yes it’s burnt down pier).

Upside Down House. Cost £4 to go in, I passed not that I could physically do it, as looked tight, nowhere for support, could have, but my partner also passed. So enjoyed the outside, and the snippets of it through the windows.

The view from the other side.

The Pavillion, the gardens part, we didn’t go in as we had Holly. We also visited North Laine, didn’t take any pics, busy just looking, plus Holly was getting fussed everywhere.

Whilst there Mark wanted to win something at Brighton Palace Pier, whilst Holly and I chilled in the hotel.

I loved this view, pic he took from the pier.

And what he won 🙂 The dragon from the third film of ‘How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’. And A random sheep.

Holly hates water, so trying to get her there was a CHALLENGE!!! Was for me two, my partner and even Holly was helping me to get there, because of course cannot push ya wheelchair on pebble beach nor sandy beach without the lanes that take you there, that’s not even always accessible or they stop halfway, the part we was wasn’t. For me was main goal out of the holiday was to get to the beach, have my feet touch the sea.

So funny Holly was like nah… I rather chill on the beach.

And catching some rays.

I have so many pics of family pics of us, the food we ate, other places we went too, from start to the end Holly got fussed in Brighton, even the guy with the ramp at the station offered to walk her onto the train, the train to Brighton she got fussed from everyone, people waited just to fuss her, she gets attention here, but Brighton truly loved her.

I was at peace being there, I smiled a lot, we were blessed with good weather whilst we was there. We will be going back, without the dog and go to the attractions we wanted to visit together as a couple that we couldn’t with the dog, etc, however overall had great time, and made a change getting to stay, as it’s usually just day trip for me, yep, cannot wait to go back.

PS- I done outfits daily whilst I was there, can check it out over on my instagram @loopysos and you can see more of Holly on her page @holly_dc_beagle.

Do you love visiting the seaside? what seaside did you visit last, would be cool to hear.

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