What’s Been Happening. Update

knee food

Not been on here for awhile, nor have been online as much. It seems every time something finishes  another problem arises always. Recently I injured my knee just so happened to be my dodgy knee, which was caused by a seizure, won’t go into details just know I been in a lot of pain like a lot, finally after weeks weeks, even was put on extra painkillers that still didn’t help, frustrated, lack of sleep, even less mobility I surely felt tested. With other personal things going on I just wanted to crawl into a ball and sob. This week had fluid taken out my knee and injection to help with the pain, inflammation is a bitch, bad circulation. It’s amazing how you pain threshold gets tested on a daily. Yes I treated myself to pizza, with side orders. Excuse the hairy thighs but hey wasn’t going to shave just to take a picture, and don’t have the energy to make my pics look perfect. My sleep still messed up, I think the world will know when I’ve had good nights sleep, who knows could be tonight.

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