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Restless Leg Syndrome

Image is from channel five website

Not sure if I’ve spoken about this or not, I suffer with restless leg syndrome just one of the things on my list of diagnoses. There was documentary about this last week, which I just knew I had to watch as I am sufferer of this, it’s nice to see things on TV that I can relate too. Although it gave good insight into it, once again I found myself detached as someone who has chronic illnesses, one lady walks her dog for three hours and gardens I  can’t physically do that, to be honest majority what they were doing I can’t do, but the lack of the sleep, legs feet constantly moving yep I could relate too. I come with pre warning now when you share a bed with me, that I kick, I’ve hurt my mum, my partner, I get these episodes where they just move on their own accord, nothing I can do to stop it. Sadly in the process I’ve truly hurt loved ones, and seeing the next day you hurt someone isn’t good. Thankfully I have bigger bed, so more room, if I stay somewhere else if option is there to have my own bed, I’ll take it. For me when my restless leg syndrome is bad, I have to sleep with pillow in between my legs, to stop me from flipping around so much. There’s something about having this almost seems like a joke to people, one case in point, occupational therapist came to my home, this was years ago, asked what I had, so told him all of it, asked me what’s restless leg syndrome, I told him, he was like you doing work out while you sleep, must be great way to keep fit, no word of lie, then preceded to laugh, yep….. Very professional, I looked at him, with a not so funny face, confused, offended, and taken back, speechless. Yes because having a condition is laughing matter. It took years for me to be diagnosed, it took me going to sleep clinic to finally see why on earth was having sleep attacks, literally fall asleep standing up, walking, talking eating, I was that drained, my body needed time to rest. Put on medication for it, which thankfully calmed it down, then sadly got insomniac due to the side effects amongst other side effects, then changed again, which has given me more of balance, sadly with years of rubbish sleep pattern due to crappy loud neighbours, then again at the other flat, it’s hard, which didn’t help with my sleep, now it’s different, trying to break the pattern, now that I’m in different environment.

Speaking of restless leg, prime example last night, my body felt restless, my legs feet was doing that thing where you moving, stretching, screaming to me like this body needs to rest, but I couldn’t control the movement, it was like a battle, and that’s how restless leg is, but that’s how I feel on a daily with all the conditions. The problem is, it’s more common than you know, this condition, that’s why it’s worth a watch if you are in the UK, it’s on My5 (channel five website). With restless leg syndrome you can do serious damage to yourself, case in point, the guy in the pic has broken his bones due to it, another guy went to desperate measures just to control it, without giving the whole show away, thankfully for me it’s just cuts, bruises I get, oh and extra aches for my fibromyalgia, it’s like having fights and losing, my best description for it, can’t say woken up thinking that was good workout in the early am’s. The best leg workout, sign up now. Must bare in mind it’s different for everyone, treatment and all.

I’m not being paid or asked to promote this documentary, I just think it’s good to educate yourself, learn about it more, might know someone who has it, or you have it, I would say already know one has it, me!

I am fully aware not told you, exactly what restless leg syndrome is, I hope you use search section to look it up, watch the programme, so that way you learn about it, if gave it all away, might not want to go check it out for yourself. And by no means if you want to ask me something, more than happy to answer in the comment section.

Hope you have lovely week xx

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