Journey To Hospital Appointment Through My Eyes

I said this year I bring you more to my hospital appointments and I sort of am, can’t do all, as that be unfair to you, as don’t want to bore my audience. This was my last visit to my neurologist at NHNN hospital, if you follow my blog you know, it’s on the other side of London to me, so some what of a journey (for me anyway). It was sad day, as been with that team for years, it was thanks to them for my correct diagnoses for restless leg syndrome, paid attention to my migraines acknowledged it, and NEAD/FND/Dissociative seizures. Been long journey with them, seeing different specialists. I knew my journey with them was up, however knowing if anything gets worse, raise of concern I can go back if need be.

Here’s my trip to the appointment, (my partner was with me whole time) in my wheelchair. As promised through my eyes.

The last two pics of me going home, leaving my local station, oh as it was cold at this point, the sleeves was pulled down more, and I forgot to move them up, so the edges are of my coat not because of some filter put on them.

For me having the camera, distracted me, gave me a focus as was experiencing some symptoms of NEAD/FND, extra achey of course, I’m no photographer, or expert, I just enjoy it. Hope you guys like the pics as much as I do.

Let me know what you think šŸ˜‰

PS I know it’s Worlds Mental Health Day, Ā I am aware I’m posting it on this day, not brought it up, I have mental health illnesses, I just don’t feel like bringing it up right now. However here is prime example of how it has effected me in the past, to read about it click here.

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