In My Feelings

Abstract pic using photo of my dog’s eyes.

When you suffer with chronic illnesses, and mental health you always trying to balance the two, pain management with chronic pains, dealing with the endless hospital appointments, doctors appointment, nurses appointments, doing exercises that you can manage, trying to stay up beat even when every fibre in you is like no. I know things could be worse which I’m always grateful for, trust me I know.

However if you someone like me that gets a lot of nagging thoughts, if you suffer with anxiety you know what I am going on about. I get this wave of thoughts that just sticks there, recently it’s social media and YouTube, two things I love, I know it’s like what…. I am campaigning to raise money for a new wheelchair on Gofundme, click here . And it’s huge challenge, so often I feel defeated, the little energy I have I try and put it out there of my Gofundme page. But when I go social media and see big bloggers with designer handbags, I think just cost of one of those bags could pay for new wheelchair, companies send out big bloggers/youtubers on free trips, I think cost of one person could pay for a wheelchair, the masses of make up/ skin treatment thats given away everyday to bloggers, could pay for a wheelchair, and I hate that I see things in this light, but it’s how I feel. When I am sending out emails to charities getting no luck, even none charities, at least I am trying. But please do not think I am knocking the bloggers/youtubers as I happy for people, it’s great seeing success stories, people doing what they love, it’s amazing, plus I like reading reviews, being noisy, haha. And I too, once awhile will be sent something, not in masses, but something. So this isn’t to bash people or make people feel uncomfortable that isn’t my aim.

But please if you have the platform to help someone, it doesn’t hurt to help, and I’ve appreciated everyone that has been retweeting my Gofundme, sharing it, all love, I see it all, lets keep this ball rolling.

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