Hospital Highlights

I know you must be thinking, looking at the title like what, is that possible. Well yes it is, where I stayed it wasn’t your typical traditional ward, there was separate rooms for dining in, where we ate all our meals, a TV room to watch your programmes granted you would have to work out the time slots, which sometimes got blurred so wasn’t granted every time, so would either catch up the next day via the apps on my iPad or wait until I was home, as hospital wi-fi was slow, or drop off completely. But can’t complain as it was free wifi, like I said it wasn’t your typical ward. Oh forgot to say I’m home now, returned back Friday evening. I was in neurological rehab for four weeks, completed the multi-disciplinary rehabilitation programme for functional neurological symptoms. It’s mouthful isn’t it, I will focus more about the actual programme in different blog post, might even share some of my goals if I’m feeling in the opening sharing mood. As it’s important to bring awareness, on FND. However adjusting to real life, won’t lie is bit tricky, I was warned to give myself two weeks to adjust by the Doctor on the ward. So thought it be nice time to look back on good times, crazy times, the not so great times but still had running joke linked to it. And the bonds I made with people whilst there, that will continue on. 

Following pics are the view from my window, I always loved looking into the square (garden), watching the world go by, escapism, prime estate of London (Central London), funny thing is there is no way I could afford to stay there, a hotel, live there, way too expensive, so I felt even special just staying there, no word of lie, just keeping it real, minus the fact I was in hospital though, minor detail, lets look above that, haha. Although having scalfolding, builders everyday was NOT a highlight.


Why is me having ice pack in pillow sack a highlight, well after having non epileptic seizures falling off the bed, my body, my knees was more painful at the time. Getting ice pack, getting it in the freezer, then getting the actual ice pack would take ages, so in the end the nurse was like just keep it with you, if and when you need it, instead of running around trying to find one, waiting around for each step.


I do apologise for the poor quality, my phone didn’t want to work with me, plus trying to sneak a pic in without staff noticing, I was busy being my own pap, a rubbish one for my own sketch, placed on a wall.


Incase anybody didn’t know, I let them know, this wardrobe right here is mine, it was just so people didn’t get confused, and I didn’t, as I can get easily confused, so making things familiar was big thing for me.


My last night, may have had accident, pulled down the curtains by accident, whilst trying to close the curtains, it may of fell off, and may of had one curtain at the end of my bed, making my room very pinterest, interiors dream, just adding that flare.


What real bedside table/drawers looks like in hospital, with splash of me, from must haves, to having things that’s familiar, things I like, as it was important to make it my safe haven, the cards was on my last days.


The laughter we had. Getting to know people, making friends. You know it’s not pic, if not making silly faces 😉


My farewell/ birthday celebration meal, ladies from my room treated me/us, it was funny getting pizza delivery to hospital ward, we had giggle about it, really nice as it was dead on 7 days before my actual birthday. The food went down a treat 🙂


Without getting out of character being mushy, haha. Never would have thought I would make bonds, let alone one so tight, that we clicked straight away, we got each other, and we was part of each others stay. Was defiantly huge part of my highlight, thank you Jody.


Theres more I could add, but you get the gist of it, don’t wanna bore you too much. Those who made my stay easier, know who they are, and ofcourse the staff as well.

Hope you liked my summary of my highlights of my hospital stay.



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