Small Summer Primark Haul

Last week popped into my Mum’s local Primark (nearest one to her), as my auntie from Florida was visiting and it was on her list of places to shop, it would of been rude of me not to join in the shopping experience.

Heres my haul:

I’ve needed a new lip balm for ages, that I carry around in my bag (when I’m out and about), so it’s been time to purchase one already.

I own couple of crop tops, this was mainly to go with shirts, or if something is see through, it’s bright colour, I didn’t like the other styles that was in my size in white or black colour, kept the sticker on as tells you size got it in, EVERYONE knows I’m plus size, so I’m not going to hide that nor am I ashamed.

Real tea TMI I’m not wearing a bra, I didn’t have the energy to put it on, then take the pic, take it off bla bla- TOO MUCH….. With my natural hair out, my afro out and proud, it’s been months since I’ve had my afro, it was in braids then my hair was silk pressed aka straight. You can see bedroom window light on my glasses, natural light. I was on the hunt for new hoodie, saw this colour, I was like better have a size up, as wanted oversize hoodie, had my niece Alice help me look, well she done the looking for me bless her, and she found it, YAYYYYYYYYY, no question that was coming home with me. I needed shorts as certain things in my wardrobe are lacking, that’s one of them (I went with basic).

Right I AM NOT size 7/8 I am size 6, but the 5/6 had my feet looking like my feet was swallowing the flip flops didn’t look cute at all, my niece was like you need size up and I agreed. I love the print on it, I just needed basic flip flops I stay wearing same one for everything when I’m out- beach, getting my toe nails done (painted), or just fancy wearing it, so have option at least, just throw on ones.

That’s my haul, I didn’t spend much, or go crazy, basic small haul.

You been Primark recently? what did you buy. If not Primark what was last place you bought from?…. x

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