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You may call this mini haul, however I was gifted these by my sister who has online shop. I must say who doesn’t love getting bit of make up, covers all basis and I have used the items so may do review, beauty posts not done in one forever, that be fun. A passport cover, my sister knows I love to travel but it’s slowed down dramatically since became ill, and it’s like a push like come on you can do it, unfortunately passport has run out so one day get round to renewing that. The shop has wide variety of items from household utilities, clothing, to footwear and more, all affordable prices, the items I have are still available on Shop Easy With Georgia E.

If you want to check out the shop, support small business of course it being my sister showing it love on my blog. Click here and as it’s closed group click on to be added, the shop also has whatsapp group just simply message Georgia the owner of the shop, so if you have any enquiries can ask directly. There is brochure once again can ask the owner directly.

Delivery rates free UK delivery over £50. Small items can be hand delivered in Camberwell, London and surrounding areas if you live London, so if you local you be in great luck.

So please go show some love and check it out. If you do, tell her I sent you I might get treat for being fab sister, haha.

Shop Easy With Georgia E




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