Local Charity Haul

With clothes getting old (worn out), not fitting me, or just wearing the same certain lot, liking new things (somewhat), comes at cost, so buying things on sale etc, then theres also charity shopping, I cannot take credit for this, my partner suggested we go to our local charity shops, A. cheer me up as my seizures prevented me/us going to Central London like we had planned B. good excuse to visit the charity shops and perhaps find some things I like, which I did.

I know some people might think should of been marked up for less, you gotta remember I live in London, so something like this could be even cheaper in your local charity shop living in the countryside, so please do bare in mind. My family loves games, and my partner and I like games, just the problem is his much smarter than me, so he wins, even the ones that don’t require brain power he can even win at, even though I have advantage on some things as I watch TV, watched more varied movies than him, and other things, it’s just be my memory for names that be failing me (which really doesn’t help).

Who remembers this, grew up on Where’s Wally? the books, the tv show, how long would it take you to find him?…..

Bit of loungewear, after all I live in that, being home A LOT (chronic life). In size medium, from Mind.

Shut the front door, Lucy bought a skirt, really, what’s happening, are you not Tom Boy anymore, of course I still am, just lady needs dresses and skirts in her life now, if you missed my Asos try on haul, you can check it out click here. I realised looking at my wardrobe I only own like 2, even shorts, you would think the Tom Boy in me nope….Back onto the skirt- the brand is Phase Eight, size 16, Lei Cord Skirt original cost as still had tag on it £69, I paid £8 for it (also from Mind).

Ok, confession to make I have a thing for checked shirts, I don’t even know how I don’t own more of them, but overall I do like my shirts in general (doesn’t have to be checked, can be pattern, plain). I need to start wearing them more. Brand Per Una (M&S clothing brand) bought from The Salvation Army, size 18.

I love the little hearts on the pocket.

Striped dress, size 18 brand Primark, bought from St Christopher’s. There were more charity shops visited but didn’t quite like the clothes in there, so no buy. I am fortunate to have loads of charity shops near me (granted it’s just on one long road, so couple are spaced far apart from one another).

That’s my haul, and it wouldn’t be complete without Holly photobombing it, (to be honest where ever you are in the home, just more so when outside), make sure you ready for Holly to be modelling in the pics, and just making the shoot about her, haha.

I didn’t crop this pic, so you can see the shadow of the man who took all the pics aka my partner. Yes I know theres plenty of weeds (need to go), bane of my life.

Have you found any gems in charity/thrift shops lately?…

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